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In The Mean Time

While we await for the new blog to assume its rightful position, I'll keep notioning here. But look at this, posted just in time for me, me, me: Wordpress says LiveJournal Migration Made Easy. It's like they really get me. Like they're psychic, maybe, or they're totally in love with me. Which they should be.

I've been getting some nice press lately: first there was Defekto's great profile which ran in Out Loud, and then today I got a note from postcard biographer Michael Kimball that he'd completed his postcard biography of me. He's a great writer, both in the sense of being a skilled wordsmith and in the sense of being able to carefully write all those words onto one tiny postcard without so much as a dab of Liquid Paper. I'm still trying to figure out how to frame the postcard.

Sooo many songwriters deserve a website like Joni Mitchell's. Few are so lucky; this is one of the best employments of web technologies I've ever seen -- artful & deeply informative.

I've started recording demos for my next solo record; I'm trying to figure out how I want the record to sound. It certainly needs to have more coherence than Blonde On A Bum Trip, but fortunately I set that bar pretty darn low.

I've been saturating myself with music lately, particularly live performances obtained from the internet. It feels good; I'm coming to some very old and familiar music with an entirely new understanding. It's odd to be able to hear old sets by Linda Ronstadt and U2, for instance, with what feel to be new ears. This is but one great example of the burdens I'm currently in the midst of unloading; who knows -- this could lead to me not paying attention to the news for a couple of days. How nice would that be?


I like your life story. Always have.



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March 2009

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